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Two passenger trains collide in Karlovy Vary with two casualties and multiple injured

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Two passenger trains collided head-on near Pernink in the Karlovy Vary region. There are as many as 30 injured at the location, some seriously. At least two people did not survive the accident. The tragedy is already being investigated by the police.

“We have definitely confirmed two deaths on the spot. The exact number of deaths and injuries is not yet known, “said Radek Hes, spokesman for the rescue service of the Karlovy Vary region. There are 13-15 rescue service units on site.

All the injured from the trains had already been rescued at six o’clock in the evening and were being transported to hospitals. According to police, about 30 people traveled on both trains, including staff.

Regional police spokeswoman Zuzana Týřová said before 18:00 that the police still recorded two deaths and an unspecified number of injured. “At the time of the collision, about 30 people were on the trains, including the train staff. The patients are gradually taken to hospitals. Police in the case have launched an investigation into the suspicion of committing a crime of general threat through negligence. We detained one person, “she said.

“From the currently available information, I have to confirm with regret that there were deaths and injuries to passengers,” said Jiří Svoboda, General Director of the Railway Administration. According to him, this is a track that is built on the human factor, has no additional security. According to him, it is necessary to wait for information from train drivers, who are also injured, to clarify the causes of the accident. The track dispatcher will also testify.

Firefighters had to remove the wounded from the train on the spot. “Including wedges. The wounded were then transported by rail to the railway station in Pernink, where a gathering place was established, “described Martin Kasal, a spokesman for the regional fire brigade.

“Rescue work is underway. When everyone is injured outside the scene of the accident, the investigation by the police and the Railway Inspectorate will begin. Only then will the crashed sets themselves begin to be rescued, “Kasal told the News.

“Our employees were also injured,” Czech Railways confirmed on Twitter.

According to the tracks I operate on the line, the trains were to cross at Pernink station according to the timetable. The total number of passengers is not yet clear, the train from Karlovy Vary has a capacity of 85 seats, the RegioShark train, which went to Karlovy Vary, can carry up to 120 seated passengers. The track is of the D3 type, where traffic management is, as already mentioned, management on the human factor.

Firefighters said most of the passengers were injured.

Czech Railways has set up a toll-free line of the first psychological intervention at 800 100 064.

“I spoke with firefighters, unfortunately at least 2 victims are confirmed. This is news we don’t want to hear. The rescue services are working to their maximum ability, and all the injured have been rescued, “said Interior Minister Jan Hamáček. At the moment, the injured from the trains have been rescued and are being transferred or transferred to the station in Pernink.

The accident happened less than a kilometer from the station in Pernink in mountainous terrain, where it is very difficult to intervene. After the accident, both train cabins were completely demolished. “A group of firefighters and police officers has been set aside to search the area around the crash, because in such cases the injuries happen in shock and they leave the scene of the accident and leave the spade,” added firefighter spokesman Kasal.

“It is not yet possible to know the total number of injured, it will be 20 to 30 people,” added Radek Hes, a spokesman for the Karlovy Vary Rescue Service, noting that some of the injuries are serious. Other casualties cannot be ruled out.

“Seven crews from the Karlovy Vary region, three from Ústí nad Labem and rescuers from Germany are involved. We asked for help and air rescue service, and helicopters from the Ústí nad Labem region, from Pilsen and from Chemnitz (Saská Kamenice) fly to the site, “he said.

According to the spokesman of the Railway Inspectorate, Martin Drápal, the accident occurred between the Nové Hamry station and the Pernink transport station. “According to initial information, there are more injured on the spot. Traffic on the track is interrupted. The Railway Inspectorate will investigate the causes and circumstances of the emergency at the place of its occurrence, “said Drápal.

According to the spokesman of the Karlovy Vary Regional Hospital, Vladislav Podracký, a so-called trauma plan was announced at the hospital in Karlovy Vary, which is announced in the event of extraordinary events, when more injured people are expected. Two helicopters landed in the Pilsen University Hospital, apparently injured in an accident.

“According to initial information, there are more injured on the spot. Traffic on the track is interrupted. The Railway Inspectorate will investigate the causes and circumstances of the emergency at the place of its occurrence, “said Drápal.

Due to the accident, the road in this section is also impassable as well as the roadway. According to information from the Deputy Governor of Karlovy Vary, Martin Hurajčík, alternative bus service is currently provided instead of the train connection.

“I am deeply saddened by the news of a train accident in Karlovy Vary. I want to express my sympathy for the victims of the tragedy and condolences to their families, “said Minister of Transport Karel Havlíček.

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