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Two trains collide for second time in a week, this time in Prague-Běchovice

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A passenger train with an express train collided in Prague-Běchovice in the early evening on Friday. Several wagons derailed, firefighters search them. More than 300 people were evacuated. According to initial reports, no one appears injured. The accident happened in a place where traffic was restricted due to a train collision with a person. Traffic on the line between Libní and Běchovice is stopped.

“According to the information from the fire chief from the scene, the accident is not a more serious one,” the firefighters said on Twitter. “There are now three people in our care who are not injured, but have developed an acute stress response,” said spokesperson Jana Poštová.

According to the Czech Railways website, the restriction on the line should last until approximately 7.30 pm, but this time is only indicative and the interruption of operation will probably last longer. Firefighters must return the derailed train to the tracks.

Passengers whose connections cannot run due to an accident can use public transport. ČD tickets will be recognized on metro line B between Náměstí Republiky and Černý Most, on metro line C between Hlavní nádraží and Florence and bus line 250 between Černý Most and Běchovice. This was stated on Twitter by the Prague Integrated Transport (PID).

At the time of the collision, only one of the three tracks was passable at the site due to another accident. In the afternoon, a pendolino train knocked down a man who had died in the same spot. Firefighters had to evacuate about 150 passengers from that train.

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