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Network of healthcare facilities with urgent care reception centres planned

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A reception for urgent cases, such as seriously injured patients, and an emergency service are to be in each district and a large one in each region of the Czech Republic in the future, Health Minister Adam Vojtech (for ANO) and health insurance companies’ representatives agreed today.

They signed a memorandum on cooperation in the building of a network of healthcare facilities with urgent reception centres. It follows up the concept that the Health Ministry presented in September.

The ministry wants to spend EU finances on these centres.

The health insurers are to allocate additional two billion crowns to the operation of the already functioning reception centres for urgent cases in 2020.

The memorandum defines the network of the providers of acute inpatient care securing the reception of urgent cases. It divides the receptions into two types based on their size.

Big reception centres for urgent cases are to be in big hospitals, mainly teaching and regional ones. Besides, there would be a network of smaller centres at district hospitals.

A total of 96 urgent reception centres are to be established.

The health insurers pledged in the memorandum to secure the accessibility and funding of the reception centres for urgent cases in relation to the ministry directive on the coverage of health care and health insurance plans for next year.

The smallest urgent receptions are to get two million crowns, while the biggest ones can get 30 million crowns, Vojtech said today.

The chairwoman of the Council of the Czech Regions’ Association, Jana Mrackova Vildumetzova (ANO), has welcomed the ministry’s plan.

She said this would help the hospitals’ financial management as at present, most of them did not get a single crown for the operation of urgent reception centres.

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